We hope to help people make a real connection with nature and the beautiful Kent's North Downs. For those who want to learn, we can offer training in hands-on, traditional country skills or identification and survey of those key species we are all working to help.

Many people love to get outdoors into the fresh air and where better to do that than the magnificent Kent Downs? The benefits of feeling the sun on your face and the wind in your hair are well documented. An ever-increasing number of studies report that observing nature, and participating in physical activity in green spaces, plays an important role in positively influencing human health and well-being.

Natural England’s report (2009) in their Walking the Way to Health Initiative found that if everyone was given equal access to green space, the estimated saving to the NHS would be £2.1 billion per year. Exercising indoors was found to yield no significant benefits for mental health, when compared with the outdoor environment.

Outdoor activities, with project’s such as ours, reap the benefit of Nature’s Medicine and have the potential to not only help people avoid excess pharmaceutical use, improve physical and mental health and wellbeing, but also decrease social isolation, improve practical skills and knowledge, while at the same time enhancing our local environments.

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