'Be Our Eyes'

Downs Watch is a new initiative to combat rural crime in the Old Chalk New Downs Project area. Old Chalk New Downs has partnered with the Country Eye app, a quick and effective tool for reporting anything from vandalism to signage on public right of way to suspicious behaviour, wildlife crime and fly-tipping.

All you need to do is download the app. If you spot something out on your travels, then open the app, snap a picture and submit a report.

We also have a ‘one stop shop’ toolkit for people and landowner affected by rural crime.  The toolkit allows you to easily find information about certain crimes and, most importantly, explains how to report crime and what methods you can employ to potentially prevent the crimes from happening.  Not all crime is included in the toolkit, only crime which we know affects the landscape of the area and thus the landowners.

We have published two documents; a main report which provides detail of the various crimes affecting nature and the countryside and a quick reference Toolkit which highlights the most effective crime prevention methods.

The Toolkit is available from here

The main report is available from here


What is fly tipping?

Fly tipping is the illegal dumping of domestic, construction, commercial or other waste. Fly-tips cost the local councils significant amounts of money to clean up, and can also be hazardous to people and wildlife by causing fires, attracting rats and becoming a danger to drivers and members of the public.

Waste can only be legally desposed of at officially authorised sites. The Council, Environment Agency and the Police can prosecute anyone caught fly tipping. The fines can be substantial - up to £50,000 or a six months prison sentence. If convicted in a Crown Court the fines are unlimited. The police can also seize vehicles involved in fly tipping.


How can Country Eye help?

The Country Eye app allows you to take a picture and report fly tipping, and other anti social behaviour, on the spot. Your report will be forwarded to the appropriate authority, whether than is the police, the local council or the Environment Agency. You will be able to recieve updates and alerts about your report through the app. 

With members of the public looking out for and reporting these incidents, we hope to be able to create a safer, cleaner Kent for everyone. 


Look out for these waymarkers on your travels through Kent's countryside. Scan the QR code to download the app so that you can report vandalism in the countryside and help us keep Kent safe and clean.